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twilighthope's Journal

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A community dedicated to a guild in the World of Warcraft video game. Bloodscalp is our server.

Here are the rules:

Twilight Hope. Our guild. In order to be a join there are two requirements:
#1) You must be good natured.
#2) You must be a non-idiot.

This guild does NOT accept known ninjas. Aside from that we do not discriminate based on gender, race, age, or sexual orientation. We hope that you would do the same. Any acts of negative behavior such as very rude interactions with other guilds are looked down upon, and can lead to demotion and/or expulsion from the guild. Also be aware that we have a very diverse guild, and racial/sexual epithets are also heavily looked down upon. We want to make a welcoming environment to enjoy this game.

There are different ranks:


Initiate is the first level. All new recruits should be this level. At this level you've just been recruited to the guild. Have fun, and represent yourself and our guild well, and you'll get promoted in no time ^^ Initiates have access to guild chat/speak and can set their own note.

Member is the second level, and for established members that have reached level 20. At this level you've hopefully been in the guild for two weeks and are starting to enjoy yourself. This is the level that a lot of guildies should be at. At this level you can start to invite other people to the guild.

Veteran is for members that have reached level 40. All former members of the Lordaeron Journalist are given this rank regardless of level, as long as their LJ name is in their player notes. At this rank you start to be able to set the MotD and promote people.

Leaders are veterans that have knowledge of the Deadmines, Blackfathom Depths, Shadowfang Keep, and The Stockades. The know the instances and their related quest well, and readily share their knowledge and time with other guildmates. Leaders can also demote people in the guild.

Templars are leaders who have reached level 58 and can start participating in end game instances. They have in depth knowledge of all the instances that Leaders know, as well as Gnomeregan, Razorfen Kraul, Razorfen Downs, the Scarlet Monastery, and Uldaman. Templars are also able to remove members from the guild.

Chappy is a level reserved for the guild bank. Exoth is the guild bank. He has gold. Feel free to ask for some when you reach a level and can't quite train all your skills. Feel free so send him some of your extra gold too or excess tradeskill reagents ^^.

Guildmaster. That's Qwertina. If you don’t know her just keep an eye out. I’m on often enough on one of my alts, just look for my journal name. If at anytime the guildmaster has to quit or leave then an election is to take place to decide the new master. All vote are to be mailed to the current guildmaster. All templars are eligible to be voted for. All members or higher are eligible to vote, once and only once. Alts may not vote.

Ninjaing - Ninjaing is the act of rolling on or looting items (especially Bind on Pick-up items) in order to ensure that the ninja gets the item, and not anyone else in the party. It is HEAVILY looked down upon. Please be careful, and don’t pick up an item if it bind on pick up, unless you know it’s ok with the rest of the members of the party. If I, or any other leader or templar, receive a complaint about a guild member’s actions concerning them ninjaing an item, I will look into it. If the person making the complaint is able to provide proof of the ninjaing, in most cases the ninja will be removed from the guild, and send a mail in game as to why. Sometimes players will receive a warning if they are very apologetic and try to make it up to the person/people they ninjaed in someway, but this is the exception, not the rule.

Alt-a-holics – I know I have a lot of alts, and that a number of you do too. When a guild run is going on, anyone playing an alt should yield items to people playing their main. This applies to all instances Uldaman or lower. Higher than that, this rules ceases to apply.

Always remember Twilight Hope is displayed just under your player name. We’d hope you’ll represent us well. Have fun.