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Does anyone still read the LJ for Twilight Hope anymore?
Maybe I'll have to figure out the "new system."

Far from tapering off, it feels like the queues to get onto Bloodscalp are taking longer and longer. Maybe I'm just playing more during peak-hours, but I gotta say it sucks when I have two hours to play and the first 40 minutes of it is eaten by log-on time.

Have they talked about doing one of those server-reshuffles again? I wasn't around for the other(s?), so I don't even know how it works, but, as I understand it, they let everyone choose to dump a full server in favor or the empty one of their choice, yes?

Has anyone "important" considered attempting to move the entire guild (or as much as would have it) to a new server? I don't know what goes into the politics of having a guild — it seems a lot of the higher-ups know higher-ups from other guilds, so maybe that kind of drastic change would involve severing a lot of connections.

Is anyone else interested in taking a stab at this?

— Asch(51)/Leibniz(18)
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