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To the Leaders and Members of Twilight Hope Guild

A Message regarding the use of profanity in guild chat.

Our guild is growing at a healthy pace. It seems our newest members feel comfortable asking basic questions with respect to game play and feel at home. Our new members, those new to the game itself, and those that have migrated to Twilight Hope from other guilds are members for a reason. Perhaps a guild member stopped to help a low level player survive an encounter with a tough mob. We have seen level 60 players join Twilight Hope because we have demonstrated organized and efficient teaming in groups. Not long ago, Shadow Knights Guild ultimately merged with Twilight as a result of one of our members suggestions.

With growth and maturity comes responsibility. We now as leaders and members of Twilight Hope represent something special. When we are out in battle, either against Horde or NPCs, we have the Twilight Hope name next to our own. We are an example to others.

Recently I removed the profanity filter from the game interface out of curiosity. One of the many aspects of the game is a social element that has carried over in some cased into real life. We must be careful and considerate when sharing our comments in guild chat. I am guilty myself of saying inappropriate things and using profanity in guild chat to the point that I offended another player. My offending comments were noticed by other members who proceeded to bring to my attention that I have offended and hurt someone’s feelings.

While the game does have a profanity filter, I would like to recommend that we as individuals, as leaders, as members, as role models, make an effort to use restraint and consideration when communicating in guild chat. We are an example to others. There are many guild members who are very expressive about their feelings and do so without the use of profanity. We can have fun and express ourselves in ways that do not offend.

Falling short of setting guild policy, I recommend try to refrain from the use of profanity in guild chat. What about saying &^%& or &*@(@ (fill in any words potentially profane)? I suggest using your best judgment. Remember you represent yourself as well as the Twilight Hope Guild.



Madelineruth (lvl 60 human mage)

Polillo (lvl 21 night elf druid)
Gilda (lvl 20 human priest)
Christineann (lvl 19 human rogue)
Ethanwilliam (lvl 15 human warrior)
Snypur (lvl 11 dwarf hunter)
Rcayn (lvl 10 gnome mage)
B’Elanna (lvl 6 human paladin)
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