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Drakel can be da stupid m'kay?

Cute stupid story on my part last night. So I'm in Gadgetzan and I'm trying to click on the inkeeper. Only there is this horde tauren around him. So I'm trying to manuever to click him and I accidentally click the horde. I right click the horde. I right click the horde while standing right next to him. That needed repeating.

If you don't know right clicking a mob OR a horde will target them for attack with your weapon. And when I'm standing next to him with my newly equipped mug'o'hurt it'll make my hand lift and strike him - though I had no intention of actually doing so.

This will cause a chain reaction. It'll stun the poor unsuspecting horde. It will NOT get me the interaction with the innkeeper I desired. AND I will die when the 2 guards come running over and kick my dumb preistly butt.

When I got back to my body he was still there. He laughed at me. I blushed at him. All was well.

Just thought I'd share my idiocy with the guild.
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