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WoW Nerdy Entry

Last night had to be the worst group I've even played in, on any MMORPG. The healer who was the one looking for a group was just not healing people. I mean people in our group were getting close to death, before she healed. A paladin in our group kept healing himself, as well as me and Steven healing our selves. At one point I noticed that while a major mob was on us, and we were NOT getting healed, she was running around looting! So I typed, "can you be a little more aggressive with the heals, and NOT LOOT DURING BATTLE!?!" FUCK This continued on, and finally our Paladin said something like, "why am I healing myself when you have full mana." Seriously we'd get done with a mob and she'd have full mana. Steven and I got to the point of joking about it, by saying, "well I'm down to a 1/4 life I guess she's going to let me die." At the end she says, "I love priest, but I sure don't like healing." I was like WTF. Stay away from **EDIT** She's in our guild now....I removed the name for the sake of....peace.

but wait! There's more.

We had a hunter with us, who only wanted to shoot his gun, and wouldn't send in his pet! He'd send it in with the smallest amount of life left on an enemy. I don't get it. Then after we kill a boss, he wants the loot, normally you would roll. I wanted to roll, I'm saving for a mount. Nope, everyone but me said he could have it. FOR WHAT? This guy sucked. He was obviously 11 years old, but still. **sigh**

Maybe I should just let it go, but I'm done with Scarlet Monastery for a while......oye vey!
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