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Dear Guildies

No this isn't a "Dear John" letter!

A few things I'd like to get responses on:

1) It is now the new year. YAY! Does that mean we are still going to plan on doing a dinner gathering in Dallas for all guildies to attend?

2) Some of our alts/newly upper level guildies need help running instances.

Soskue and I have tentatively planned running Deadmines on Wednesday evening - I'm a 54 Priest so I'm certain we can do it but if someone with a higher DPS wants to run it and help him?/her? kill Van Cleaf I'm sure there would be gratitude.

Runecat needs help running ZF so he can get his carrot on a stick.

I need to clear out 2 quests in Mara and a couple in ST - anyone want to schedule a run through next week? I'll be unavailable Thur - Sun (which is good since I'll get more rested XP.)

Anyone else need to schedule runs?

Where is the forum again? I need to register. I know I should use it but I'm constantly forgetting to register.
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